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CanChew® is a unique, socially acceptable, patient friendly, taste masked and convenient delivery format for delivery of cannabinoid based nutraceuticals. The delivery of cannabinoids via the oral mucosa provides for rapid and near complete absorption directly into the systemic circulation. This leads to rapid onset of effects and increased bioavailability. Pre-systemic metabolism is thus avoided. This system of delivery offers clearly improved economic opportunities compared to alternative delivery routes. In fact, the company’s team of researchers is first to realize the beneficial, neuroprotective benefits of the act of mastication.  See Dr. Roxane Wejenbert’s Mastication as Neuroprotection PhD Thesis and other peer-reviewed articles.


2012 Press Release
Medical Marijuana Inc. Portfolio Company CanChew BioTechnologies Inc. Announces Shipment of CanChew Gum Free Product Sample. 12-20-2012 Read more. . .

2012 Press Release
Medical Marijuana, Inc. Portfolio Company CanChew BioTechnologies Inc. Updates and Expands Free Product Trial – 11-20-2012 Read more. . .

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